Measures for the Administration of the Accreditation of Provincial Industrial Innovation Service Complexes in Hainan Province (For Trial Implementation)

第一章 总则

Chapter I General Provisions

第一条 为贯彻落实《海南自由贸易港建设总体方案》《海南省以超常规手段打赢科技创新翻身仗三年行动计划(2021-2023)》精神,深入实施创新驱动发展战略,高水平推动海南省省级产业创新服务综合体(以下简称综合体)建设,特制定本办法。

Article 1 These Measures are formulated to implement the spirit of the Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Ports and the Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Science and Technology Innovation Battle by Extraordinary Means in Hainan Province (2021-2023), deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategies, and promote the construction of Provincial Industrial Innovation Service Complexes (hereinafter referred to as “the Complexes”) in Hainan Province at a high level.

第二条 综合体是以聚焦科技成果转化、提升产业链创新服务能力、推动产业聚集创新发展为主要任务,集研究开发、创意设计、中试服务、成果推广、创业孵化、展览展示、检验检测、标准咨询、人才引进等创新资源要素于一体的新型载体,是为科技企业提供全链条创新服务的产业创新公共技术服务平台。

Article 2 The Complexes are a new carrier which focuses on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the enhance of innovative service capacity of industrial chains, and the promotion of the innovative development of industrial clusters, and integrates research and development, creative design, pilot service, result promotion, business incubation, exhibition display, inspection and tests, standard consultation, talent introduction and other innovative resource elements. They are also the public technical service platform for industrial innovations, providing full-chain innovation services for scientific and technological enterprises.

第三条 综合体按照全省高新技术产业区域布局,坚持市县政府主导,重点园区为主体,企业、高校科研院所及专业机构等共同参与原则,培育与建设一批功能齐全、布局合理、服务全面的综合体。

Article 3 In accordance with the regional layout of high-tech industries in China, and in the principle of sticking to the leadership of the municipal and county governments, focusing on key industrial parks, and encouraging the joint participation of enterprises, universities and research institutes and professional institutions to participate, efforts shall be made to incubate and build a group of the Complexes featuring full function, reasonable layout and comprehensive services.

第四条 综合体建设按照“一园一院一基金”模式建设,依托一个重点产业园区,引进一批国内外知名研究院所设立分支机构,吸引一批创投基金入驻形成创投基金群,推动产业链、创新链、资金链融为一体,有力推动产业集群发展。

Article 4 Built in a mode of “one park, one institute and one fund”, the Complexes shall reply on a key industrial park, introduce a number of well-known research institutes both at home and abroad to set up branches, attract a group of venture capital funds to form a cluster of venture capital funds, promote the integration of industrial chains, innovation chains and capital chains, and vigorously promote the development of industrial clusters.

第五条 建立省市(县)联动的工作推进机制。省级科技管理部门发挥统筹协调作用,做好牵头抓总工作,负责综合体的总体布局、申报认定、考核评价等工作;市县政府负责统筹本辖区综合体组织领导、建立工作机制,出台扶持政策等工作;重点园区负责综合体具体建设和服务管理等工作。

Article 5 A mechanism for promoting the joint cooperation of provincial and municipal (county-level) authorities shall be established. As a coordinating role, provincial science and technology authorities shall take the lead in terms of the overall layout, accreditation application, assessment and evaluation of the Complexes. Municipal and county-level governments shall be responsible for coordinating the organization and administration of the Complexes under their jurisdiction, establish a working mechanisms and release supporting policies. Key parks shall responsible for relevant work such as the specific construction and service management of the Complexes.

第二章 主要任务和申报条件

Chapter II Main Tasks and Application Conditions

第六条 主要任务。综合体重点围绕技术创新体系、协同创新体系、公共服务体系、孵化育成体系、科技金融服务体系、产业创新生态体系等方面建设功能模块:

Article 6 Main Tasks. The functional modules of the Complexes shall be constructed around the technological innovation system, the collaborative innovation system, the public service system, the incubation system, the science and technology financial service system, and the industrial innovation ecosystem.


(I) Building a technological innovation system: focus on high-end innovation resources both at home and abroad, target at the innovation needs of key industries, introduce a number of well-known research institutes at home and abroad to set up branches, incubate and build joint laboratories, technology innovation centers, pilot bases, industrial Internet platform application innovation experience centers and other innovation carriers, provide services for the research and development of common industrial technologies, core key technologies and other technologies, and enhance the technical support for industrial innovation and development.


(II) Establishing a government-industry-university collaborative innovation system: establish a collaborative innovation system led by the governments, which centers around enterprises and involves colleges, universities, research institutes, industry associations and professional institutions. Establish the collaboration relation among micro, small, medium and large-sized enterprises in industrial clusters, where leading enterprises and high-tech enterprises take the lead to integrate innovation resources, establish a benefit distribution chain and enable the sharing of knowledge, information and technologies. Utilize the Internet platform to break geographical and spatial constraints, promote the development of services such as crowd innovation, crowd sourcing, crowd support and crowd funding, and build an online and offline collaborative innovation network that is linked across regions.


(III) Creating a public service system for industrial innovations: focus on the whole chain of industrial services, build public service platforms for industrial innovation, provide SMEs with services such as innovative design, inspection, test, metrology and testing, trademark and brand cultivation, standard development, certification consultation, personnel training, risk warning, and quality technology consultation, strengthen the open sharing of scientific and technological resources, and reduce the innovation and start-up cost for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


(IV) Developing an innovative start-up incubation system: give full play to industrial inventory space resources, rely on industrial parks, leading enterprises, scientific research institutions and other organizations to build a number of accelerators, business incubators, crowdsourcing spaces and other innovation and start-up carriers, and to establish an incubation system for science and technology-based small and micro enterprises that combines innovations with start-ups, online channels with offline channels, and incubation with investment, and integrates exhibition, trading, incubation, sharing and services.


(V) Building a scientific and technological financial service system: innovate the ways to invest in science and technology, guide market-based venture capital institutions to access and form clusters of venture capital funds, actively participate in the transfer, transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and provide differentiated financial services for industrial innovations.


(VI) Building an industrial innovation ecosystem: highlight the main position of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the leading role of the governments, gather capitals, technologies, talents, policies and other innovation factors, build an open, shared, collaborative and win-win industrial ecosystem consisting of governments, enterprises, colleges, universities, research institutes, industry associations, financial institutions, intermediaries and other bodies, enhance the competitive advantages of leading industries, and cultivate innovative industrial clusters.

第七条 申报条件。申报建设综合体一般应具备以下基本条件:

Article 7 Filing Conditions. Enterprises applying for the construction of the Complexes shall meet the following basic requirements:


(I) The construction of the Complexes shall be on the basis of provincial key parks that have sufficient resources and the will to do so. The industries served by the Complexes are large-scale, highly clustered and in line with the development direction of high-tech enterprises, and have high technological innovation and industrial supporting capacities and significant market competitiveness.


(II) The provincial key parks where the Complexes are located shall provide physical space for the cluster of innovation elements, and have an area of at least 2,000 square meters.


(III) The key parks shall introduce or rely on specialized R&D service institutions and establish independent legal entities responsible for the accreditation application and daily operation of the Complexes. The operators of the Complexes shall have a good foundation in public innovation and services in the industry, and the ability to operate, manage and serve the Complexes in a market-oriented manner.


(IV) Key parks introduce a number of well-known domestic and foreign research institutes, several venture capital investors and professional service institutions providing inspection, test, standard information, business incubation, intellectual property rights and other services for key industries, and the Complexes shall provide enterprises with comprehensive and innovative whole-process services integrating R&D, design, inspection, test, metrology testing, science and technology finance, personnel training and technology marketing.


(V) The governments of the cities or counties where the park is located and the park administration authorities shall provide stable funding for the operational services of the Complexes at the early stages.

第三章 申报和认定

Chapter III Application and Accreditation

第八条 综合体的申报实行常年受理方式实施。符合申报条件的综合体,由建设主体编制综合体的申报书、建设方案等申报材料,经各园区管理机构审核后向辖区市县科技管理部门提出申请。

Article 8 The accreditation application of the Complexes shall be accepted all the year round. For the Complexes that meet the accreditation requirements, the construction units of the Complexes shall prepare the application document, the construction plan and other application materials, which will be reviewed by the park administration authorities and then submitted to the science and technology authorities at municipal and county levels for approval.

第九条 认定程序。

Article 9 Accreditation Procedures.


(I) Preliminary review. The science and technology authorities at municipal and county levels shall conduct a preliminary review on the materials submitted by applicants, and recommend outperforming complexes to the Department of Science and Technology with the approval of municipal and county-level governments.


(II) Assessment. The Department of Science and Technology shall organize experts to assess the Complexes and pay a site visit.


(III) Accreditation. The Department of Science and Technology shall decide whether the Complexes pass the accreditation based on the review results reported by the experts. The conclusion is: the Complexes pass the accreditation, or the Complexes fail to pass the accreditation. If no any objection is raised after the public disclosure, the Complexes shall be accredited by the Department of Science and Technology and named as “Hainan XXX Industry Innovation Service Complex”, with the validity period of 3 years.

第四章 管理监督

Chapter IV Administration and Supervision

第十条 绩效评价。省科技厅负责组织对综合体实施绩效考核,每三年开展一次。考核结果分为“优秀、合格、不合格”,考核不合格的限期整改,仍不合格的给予摘牌,5年内不得再申请。

Article 10 Performance Evaluation. The Department of Science and Technology shall be responsible for organizing the implementation of performance assessment of the Complex once every three years. The assessment results shall be “excellent, qualified and unqualified”. The enterprises which do not pass the assessment are required to rectify the situation within a limited period, and those enterprises fail to doing so will be unaccredited and prohibited from applying again within 5 years.


Science and technology authorities at municipal and county levels shall accept and preliminarily review the assessment materials submitted by the applicants, and then submitted them to the Department of Science and Technology for assessment.

第十一条 年度报告。建立综合体年度报告制度,由市县科技管理部门组织开展本区域内综合体的年度总结和统计工作。并向省科技厅备案。

Article 11 Annual Report. An annual reporting system shall be established Complexes, and science and technology authorities at municipal and county levels shall organize annual summaries and statistics for the Complexes in their jurisdiction. and filed them with the Department of Science and Technology.

第五章 资金支持和使用

Chapter V Supply and Use of Financial Support

第十二条 经认定为省级产业创新服务综合体的,根据《海南省以超常规手段打赢科技创新翻身仗三年行动方案(2021-2023年)》主要任务第19条规定,省、市县财政按照5∶5比例一次性给予每家最高不超过500万元奖励。

Article 12 If any complex is accredited as the Provincial Industrial Innovation Service Complex, the provincial financial department and the municipal/county-level financial department shall, in accordance with Article 19 of Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Science and Technology Innovation Battle by Extraordinary Means in Hainan Province (2021-2023), give each complex a one-time reward of up to 5 million yuan at a ratio of 5:5.

第十三条 财政资金主要用于综合体创新服务能力提升,不得用于楼堂馆所等设施建设支出或人员工资、福利、奖励等。不得用于各种罚款、捐款、赞助、投资以及各种赔偿费、违约金、滞纳金等。

Article 13 The financial funds shall be used mainly for the improvement of the innovative service capacity of the Complex, but never be used for the expenditure on the construction of facilities such as buildings and pavilions, nor for the salaries, benefits and incentives of personnel. Such funds shall not be used for fines, donations, sponsorships, investments, compensations, liquidated damages, overdue payments, etc.

第六章 其他

Chapter VI Miscellaneous

第十四条 综合体在运行过程中如遇建设运营单位变更等重要事项调整的,园区向当地科技部门申请,市、县政府审核同意后,书面函报省科技厅同意后实施。

Article 14 If any significant adjustment is required during the operation process, such as the change of the constructor and operator of the Complex, the industrial parks shall make an application with local science and technology authorities. After being reviewed and approved by municipal and county governments, such application shall be reported to the Department of Science and Technology in writing for approval. The industrial parks may make the adjustments finally with the approval of the Department of Science and Technology.

第十五条 鼓励园区认真总结综合体建设经验,在政府引导推动、公共平台提升、龙头企业带动、多元主体协同等创建做法基础上,积极探索新的建设与运行机制,及时总结成功做法,为全省提供经验。

Article 15 Industrial parks shall be encouraged to seriously summarize the experience in the construction of the Complex, and actively explore new construction and operation mechanisms on the basis of the practices under the guidance and promotion of local governments, the enhancement and leadership of public platforms and leading enterprises and the cooperation of multiple subjects, and summarize successful practices in a timely manner to share experience with the whole province.

第七章 附则

Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions

第十六条 本办法自2021年10月7日起施行,有效期3年。Article 16 These Measures shall remain into force from October 7, 2021.


These Measures shall be interpreted by the Department of Science and Technology of Hainan Province.